Eyeliner pencil tips for beginners


Eyeliner beginners, listen up! Don’t let shaky hands let you down. Here’s how to make sure your eyeliner is on point – every time.

Our advice? Leave the liquid to the pros. Eyeliner pencil is your quickest way to perfectly defined eyes without the panda look.

PUR’s On Point Eyeliner Pencil won’t smudge or budge until you say so. This longwear, waterproof formula will lock in your look from morning ‘til night. And the best bit? This eyeliner pencil is ready to glide when you are, thanks to the self-sharpening tool in the cap. Just three quick twists and you’re ready to go - no mess, no fuss.

With Lash Rejuvenation Complex, premature lash fallout is a thing of the past. And sensitive eyes are cared for thanks to our ocular-tested formula.

If you’re ready to take your pencil eyeliner from wavy to wonderful, here’s how:


  1. Step by step

Don’t try to line your whole lid at once. Avoid tugging with short, quick strokes, always working outwards.


  1. Winged wonder

Want that winged liner look? For the perfect cat eye, draw a flick at the outer corner of your eye first and then connect to your lash line.


  1. Double up

Double the impact of your liner in seconds by following your eyeliner pencil with a liquid. Use the first line as a guide for the second.


  1. Perfect your look

Even the pros don’t get the perfect line every time. Clean off any residue with a cotton bud for a seamless, polished look.


Finish your look with a slick of PUR’s Fully Charged Mascara for maximum impact and you’re done.


Precision liner doesn’t come much better than PUR’s On Point Eyeliner Pencil – PUR and simple!

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