The Velvet Lipstick Hack

Who doesn’t love a beauty hack?

But forget using fake tan as lip liner or hair gel as brow gel, right now it’s all about the velvet lipstick hack.

Beauty bloggers have long been sharing tips on how to achieve the elusive matte lip. There’s the hack that turns any lipstick matte with translucent powder. Or the one that stops matte lipstick clinging to dry patches by lip exfoliation.

But there’s one product that goes one step further in the world of beauty hacks: PÜR’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick. That’s for two reasons.

First up, it’s a saviour for all matte-lip addicts.

Praised for its non-drying formula, mousse-like texture, no-flake, no-clump promise, and perfect consistency, it’s everything you want in a velvet lipstick.

Secondly, it offers a hack of its very own. One that can really turn heads. Namely: using velvet lipstick as eyeshadow.

Inspired by Jude Law’s daughter Iris, Amanda Montell of Byrdie gave it a go. And it earned her countless compliments as a result.

You see, thanks to its whipped formula, PÜR’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick doubles up delightfully as an eye shadow. Montell quickly learned that “its moisturising, not-totally-matte texture is ideal for this look.”

Ready to recreate the hack and get your own velvet-lipstick-turned-eye-shadow custom look? Here’s how...

Using the doe foot applicator, dab a dot of your preferred shade of the velvet lipstick onto each eyelid. Next, blend the colour across your entire lid with your fingertip. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also use the tip of your pinky to line the lower lash line with colour.

It’s a look that works around the clock. Go for a paler, more pastel hue by day (Oh Bae). And rev it up with a darker, vampy shade by night (Dutty Wine). It’ll also stay put as long as you want it to.

Where you use PÜR’s velvet lipstick is up to you. But this is one beauty hack we suspect will stay on your lips (and lids) for some time to come.

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