The importance of primer

Beauty editors have been extolling the virtues of under eye primers for years. Yet many of us skip this step of makeup application. Why is that?

Maybe you think dropping one product from your beauty regime won’t do any harm. Perhaps you’ve tried under eye primers in the past and not got on with them. Or possibly, you just don’t believe the hype.

But by missing under eye primer, you’re missing a trick.

With face masks looking set to remain part of our daily attire for some time, it’s no wonder beautifully made-up eyes have taken centre stage. But to ensure that fabulous eye makeup stays put, you’re going to need to prime your eyes first.

Under eye primer – as the name suggests – prepares the skin around your eyes for whatever makeup you’re planning to apply. It’s the first step to smooth eyeliner, eyeshadow and concealer application. But that’s not all, a primer such as HydraGel Lift Under Eye Perfecting Primer by PÜR also helps hydrate and firm the skin. The result? A brighter, firmer, smoother look to your lid and under-eye area.

It’s a look that’s really easy to achieve. Simply apply your eye primer after moisturising (you’ll only need a tiny amount) then wait for it to dry completely before going in with any makeup (it’ll take about a minute).

Still not convinced? Under eye primer also helps to...

-        Prevent smudging and creasing: Eye makeup slips off easily. Primer helps it stay put.

-        Reduce dark circles: A hydrating eye primer will help banish any puffiness or dark circles around and under the eyes. Perfect after late nights.

-        Keep wrinkles at bay: Infused with peptides, PÜR’s HydraGel Lift Under Eye Perfecting Primer also helps prevent lines, wrinkles and premature aging.

Is it time you showed your eyes a little more love? When it comes to under eye primer, maybe it’s time to start believing the hype....

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